Posted by: alittlesipoflemmonade | January 21, 2012

Meet the Writer

It’s been the better part of 3 weeks since I started this blog and this is only the second entry.  Wow.  I’m really on a roll, huh?

I’ve been working on a quote reflection so look for that in the next couple of days.  Right now, though, I thought I would tell you all a little bit about myself.

I was born and raised in a small city in central Illinois, called Bloomington/Normal.  No, that’s not a weird name, they are twin cities.  The metro area currently has a population of about 164,000 people from a variety of socio-economic backgrounds.

My parents instilled in me how valuable an education can be and in general, I liked school.  Whether I was actually good at the subjects or not, I liked to learn.  I probably could have done without PE.

I tried numerous activities including soccer, softball, volleyball, bowling, piano, cello, and tap dance.  My greatest love in high school was the speech and debate team.  We were just a small team from downstate Illinois, but we were competitive individually.

Attending First Presbyterian Church in Normal, was also a big part of my formative years.  It was in this community of faith that I learned how important it is for kids to know there is a support system behind them, especially when things get a little rough.

After high school, I eventually made my way to Southern California.  I had friends out there and thought I’d like to finish my college education out there.  For various reasons, I have not finished my degree in the standard 4 years.  In fact, It has been almost twelve years since high school graduation, and I’m still plodding through coursework.

I was half-way through a degree in accounting when It became necessary to move to the Salem area of Oregon.  We moved as the recession set in hard and work was very hard to find.  Luckily, I found a job in a grocery store’s meat department.  I’d never done work like that before and it was interesting, but there was clearly a ceiling.  Finishing my education became a priority.  I realized at the same time, though, that my heart just wasn’t in to accounting.  I’d had a taste of math tutoring and I wanted more.

So after establishing residency and working for a bit, I enrolled at Oregon State University as a mathematics major.  GO BEAVS!

I am currently working on the third year’s curriculum.  After this term, I expect to have three, maybe four terms left.  I’d like to get a Spanish minor as well.

I have also moved from the painfully small town of Willamina, OR to the quaint small city of Albany, OR.  It’s the first time I’ve truly been in my own place, with my two doggies, and my other half, and I am loving it!

Well, that’s me in a nutshell. I’ll catch you all next time, and thanks for visiting “A Little Sip of Lemmon-ade”.



  1. Apparently I knew absolutely nothing about you! Did you work at Disney while you were getting a degree in SoCal? Enjoyed reading this, keep it up! You have a quote reflection overdue…

    • Yes, I worked at Disney while I was going to school. It was one of the reasons neither was as successful as I would have liked. Disney has really strict availability requirements and in California, many college enforce VERY strict attendance policies. I never finished my degree in California, but I think that all the hurdles were sort of “meant to be” and that without them, I wouldn’t have found my passion, OSU, or SDO! 🙂

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