Posted by: alittlesipoflemmonade | January 3, 2012

The First Blog — An Introduction


My name is Becky Lemmon and this is the first submission of my first blog.  For years I didn’t see any need to write a blog.  Then I succumbed to social networking and felt there was nothing else I could possibly want to say in a blog format.  So what was the point?  In the last several months, however, I find that a simple Facebook status message is often too short for me to accurately articulate myself.  So here I am, joining the ranks of millions who hope they might have something interesting to say.

For awhile I tried to think of a theme or concrete topic like Julie in Julie and Julia.  I couldn’t think of a topic I could expound on regularly, though.  So here’s what I have in mind for this blog:

  • commentary on news stories
  • reflections on quotations
  • reviews of particularly notable books and movies
  • other stuff as I feel “inspired”

Thanks in advance for reading this blog.  My hope is that you’ll find A Little Sip of Lemmon-ade fun and refreshing.


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